2014 – 2015 NYC Parks Manhattan Recreation Millennium Basketball Champions (8-0)


Team Unity at Last


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2014 -2015 – All -Star Players: Justin Birch,Noah Foster, Matthew Phelflin, Glen Page, Durrell Foster


Hanging off – court @ FordHam University


2014 -2015 basketball team

2014 -2015 Basketball Season




Ready to Play Ball


Housing Team 11- under

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2014 -2015 Tournament M.V.P


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hanging out at Fordham University Basketball Game



10 – under Team went 11-0 in the GVBL Basketball Tournament  before losing in the Final Four

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Getting ready for a Basketball War


Basketball Game at Fordham University

Playing On The Edge Basketball Program Inc. experienced a great year in their basketball Tournaments around the NYC area. The younger team 10-under went 11-0 in the Greenwich Village Basketball Tournament.  The 10 – under lose in the final four. In addition, the 12-under had a slow start at the beginning of the season,but gain speed in the middle of the  2014 -2015 season. The 12-under went to the final four in the Greenwich Village Basketball Tourney. However, we won our 1st Basketball Championship in 5 years at the NYC Parks Millennium Tournament. After eight months as a team, we became a basketball family despite our issues, we stayed together as one.